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There are so many tools that a handyman needs, but there are a few standard tools that you must have, or would make it a lot easier, when starting up your handyman business.

Now I happen to love Milwaukee tools, just my personal favorite, but don’t worry if you like another brand, you are still welcome here! 🙂

You can watch my in depth video on my top 10 must have tools for the handyman startup here:

 Top 10 Handyman Tools YouTube video

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1. Milwaukee M 18 Impact Driver

milwaukee m18 impact driver

The #1 tool that I would recommend when you are looking at starting up a handyman business is the M18 Milwaukee Impact driver, I happen to always keep two of these impact drivers on my tool trailer at all times, in one of them I always keep a Phillips head bit and the other I keep a T-25 Torx head bit for driving my go to PrimeSource Grip Rite Construction Wood Screws.

Benefits of the Milwaukee Impact


Milwaukee builds all there tools to work and work hard, I have tried out a few other impact drivers and I must say the Milwaukee performs great all the time! I am not the most gentle tool owner and I am surprised how long these tools have lasted me! as Milwaukee says, they are really built Tough!


Milwaukee built this impact driver with a purpose and that purpose is to work. I am pleased with the feel and functionality of this tool as everything is in the place that makes working the easiest, One thing I particularly like about Milwaukee batteries is the battery life shown on the front of every battery, it really makes knowing how much battery life you have a breeze!

2. Milwaukee M 18 Drill Driver

Milwaukee M18 Drill Driver


My 2nd go to tool that I use the most as a handyman Startup happens to also be a Milwaukee. The M18 Milwaukee drill driver. A few features that I love about this tool is the durability and the power that it has, I find the light on the front of the drivers to be very helpful especially when drilling or driving in dark spaces.


Benefits of the Milwaukee Drill Driver

Ease of Use

I love using cordless tools that are the same brand as one another, it is so nice to be able to use the same batteries for different tools and my choice is obviously Milwaukee!

Clutch selector

I love the clutch selector on this tool because it allows you to tell the tool how much power to put into whatever you are working on. It make drilling into things and also installing screws very easy.

3. 25′ Tape Measure

My 3rd must have tool is none other than the Tape Measure! And of course, I prefer the Milwaukee 25’ Tape measure! The 25 foot tape is perfect because it is just the right size, not too big, not too small. I like the Milwaukee tape measure because of the width and easy readability of the tape itself. I used to just pick up the free tape measures from Harbor Freight, but once I got this one I can never go back, There is no comparison to a well built tape measure!

4. Screw Driver Set

Milwaukee Screwdriver Set

My 4th tool that I wouldn’t leave out of the Handyman’s tool  collection is obviously a screwdriver or screw driver set, If I had to choose one screwdriver it would be a flat head simply because I know that I have a Phillips head on my M18 Drill driver at all times, but nonetheless a good screwdriver set is a must have for the handyman! And of course, just for good measure I really like to keep a small pocket screwdriver with a magnet on one end in my shirt pocket, those things have unlimited uses!

5. Adjustable (Crescent) Wrench

Adjustable Wrench

The 5th top tool is a good adjustable wrench, These are always great to have on hand because, you guessed it, they are adjustable so they can fit a range of different size nuts and bolts. Another common name for the adjustable wrench is the “Crescent Wrench”. I really prefer carrying a variety of sizes of these adjustable wrench, I usually have on hand a 6”, a 10” and my big 15” Adjustable wrench for really big stuff!

6. Claw Hammer

Milwaukee Claw Hammer

Next up taking the 6th handyman Tool spot is a good quality hammer, Now obviously for most day to day jobs you will need a claw hammer but there are also many different types of hammer to choose from, me personally I always keep a somewhat bi ball peen hammer on hand for dislodging big items that need some persuasion, There is also a nice sledge hammer that is great for demolition work!

7. Wire Stripper Pliers

Wire Strippers

The 7th must have too for the handyman is a good set of Wire stripper pliers, These  pliers are a must if you are looking to do any kind of electrical work as a handyman. The Wire stripper pliers that I commonly use are made by Ideal and have a cutter, Different size wire stripping cutters, grip teeth and wire bending holes. They also come with nice and comfortable yellow insulated handles.

8. Rechargeable Flashlight

Streamlight Stinger Flashlight

The next needed tool as a handyman startup is a good quality flashlight, now for this I always go with a streamlight, in my mind they are the best and brightest, I use the streamlight stinger flashlight and even have a belt holster for it, I have a charger mounted in my trailer so it is always charged up when I need it!

9. Wet/Dry Vacuum

Milwaukee M-18 Wet/Dry Vacuum

My 9th favorite, go to handyman tools is one that Is always the first tool on the job and last on off the job. This tool is my M18 Milwaukee wet/dry vacuum. I got this tool about a year into my handyman business and it has totally changed the way my jobs turnout, I can now easily leave job sites cleaner than when I started!

10. Circular Saw

Milwaukee M-18 Circular Saw

My 10th must have handyman tools is a good quality Circular saw, I currently favor the cordless M18 6 ½” Milwaukee circular saw. I absolutely love having a cordless circular saw as it makes cutting anything anywhere a breeze, now of course there are times when a corded circular saw is best, for that I keep my Milwaukee 7 ¼” Corded Circular saw on my trailer.

Bonus Tool: Utility KnifeMilwaukee Fastback Utility Knife

One bonus tool that I absolutely never leave the house with that has really just become a part of my uniform is my utility knife, and of course I have the Milwaukee fastback utility knife with the interchangeable blades, This tool is very invaluable because you can use it in almost every application, Even after work and your wife needs a bag of carrots open, sure you could grab the kitchen scissors, but why not use your utility knife, it’s much more fun anyways! 🙂


You can watch my in depth video on my top 10 must have tools for the handyman startup here:

 Top 10 Handyman Tools YouTube video


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