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Academy+ Membership with weekly 1-on-1 coaching

The Handyman Academy is now offering a 1 on 1 business coaching program in collaboration with Michael Oakes, Owner of SunDance Coaching.

The program includes 2 one hour sessions each week and at least 20 hours/month to help you take your company to another level.

There is no instant formula to achieving your goals, so there is a minimum requirement to be in the program for 4 months. After that it will be on a month to month basis

Your investment will be $1,200/month in addition to the amount you’re currently paying for our group coaching plan.

michael oakes owner of sundance coaching

benefits that will positively transform your business over time:

8 pillars of success

Every business is based on the integrated, efficient working of eight different core functions that we like to call the “8 Pillars of Success”. 

The Academy+ Coaching Program provides a framework to ensure that each function is thoughtfully planned, designed, created, and implemented in the appropriate sequence to create a successful, cohesive business.

8 pillars of success