In these past few week we have watched the world turn upside down, people getting laid off, businesses closing down and most people ordered to stay home.

We as Handymen are in one of the greatest industries to be in, especially during times like these.

For some handymen, business has been as usual during this time, for others it has been a time of great turmoil and hardship.

One skill that separates those business owners who are busy from those who have no one calling is a successful marketing strategy.

There has been a lot of people asking for me to do a class on my marketing funnels, so I have decided to do a 1 week long Facebook class for those people who are really devoted to getting their business to a place of sustainability.

This 1 week Facebook class will consist of 4 – 1 hour long talks on marketing and there will be homework!

At the end of this course you will understand the basics of marketing your self as a handyman and you will have the keys to have your business booked out for weeks with better paying clients!

In this Class I will be giving you the keys to creating your own marketing funnel and go in depth in why you need to have one!

This group is not for you if:
-You feel you have your Marketing strategy already figured out
-You’re not willing to invest in your business. This class will be $50 / Person
-You don’t want to make time. It will be 1 week long. We will have live discussions, Q&A, and there will be homework

This group is for you if:
-You want a system that works to help focus your marketing on higher paying clients, and make everyday decisions easier.
-You want to know how to set up a high paying marketing strategy and still have time to work on your business!
-You want a marketing system that will work for your business no matter what is happening in the world.

If you are the second person… follow these steps to sign up!

Save your spot for the marketing funnel class, starting June 1 2020

I will send you a message and we will have an amazing private handyman marketing party on Facebook starting on Monday June 1st at 4pm PST!

step 1

Register for your spot in the class ( be sure to put your name in the comments section of PayPal)

step 2

Request access to the private class on Facebook once you have registered through PayPal.

step 3

Go “Like” The Handyman Journey Consulting Facebook Page.

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